Our entry in the Brattle’s 2014 Trailer Smackdown. Third place!



That time of the year again! Here are my 50 favorite songs of 2014 thus far.

HEY! I moved the site over to Tumblr, maybe that means I’ll actually update it now, who knows? 

Well, when you say the word “Reagan” — he was the coal that fueled that train of discontent for hardcore for so long. For me, as a not-out gay man in the early ’80s, what the Reagan administration did — I guess, more importantly, what they didn’t do — they couldn’t say the words “AIDS” or “HIV” until the middle of 1985. So here I am, 20 years old, sexually aware but not out, confused, sometimes self-hating, with a president who cannot name the disease that may or may not kill me or my friends. That would be a source of anger for anybody

Great interview with Bob Mould on NPR. Also love his new album. 

On Punkness and Being Yourself - An article from The Talkhouse by Meredith Graves


I adore this short article by Meredith Graves as she discusses They Might Be Giants and the nature of their “punkness”. I also loved her comment that I think is tantamount to a shareable life lesson (brought to her by TMBG) :

"If you stay true to yourself, ignore most of the things society tells you are important, and remain generous to others — you will dwell in a place of great personal freedom."

Go Meredith Graves. And go John & John!

Love this piece. One of my earliest musical memories is listening to Flood with my dad as well. We need more They Might Be Giants in this world.

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I saw Television play Marquee Moon. How was your night? (at Paradise Rock Club)

I saw Television play Marquee Moon. How was your night? (at Paradise Rock Club)